Lynsie Slachetka

Founder & CEO of Ajuxt

“Nothing is impossible 
if you just start it.”

If you want someone to help your business grow, meet Lynsie! A news, web, social media and technology junkie, Lynsie knows the ins and outs of today’s online marketing landscape. You can bet she will know what’s “in” long before it becomes the latest trend, always keeping your business one step ahead of the competition, keeping your brand noticed, and keeping you safe from what’s “out.”

Lynsie’s career in communications spans over a decade. She has extensive knowledge in digital advertising, search engine optimization, social media management, reputation management, visual storytelling, video production, public relations, and print/broadcast journalism. Lynsie worked for Hearst Digital Media Services and was co-owner of a Tallahassee-based marketing agency, Voxy Media Group, before stepping away for new ventures. She’s a Midwestern gal with a heart for the world. Lynsie loves communications—the art of effective advertising. She also loves her kids, hubby, kayaking and exploring. Home is wherever her family takes off their shoes for the night. Her motto is: “Nothing is impossible if you just start it.”


Lynsie's Posts

Lynsie has worked for our company for the past several years, guiding us through a very successful re-branding, as well as directing our social media advertising campaigns. Her company has helped us with graphic design and consistency in our marketing over all platforms. We have been very pleased with her professionalism as well as the level of commitment her team has demonstrated in working with our business.

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