We believe a diverse range of talent and personality brings creative skills and ideas to power your brand’s campaigns.

The aJuxt troupe consists of a bunch of hardworking, technologically savvy, digital media junkies…plus a “gray haired” brand strategist that keeps us focused on local placement tactics and brand strategies. We search because we are curious. We research because we love to discover and study our craft. The phrase “Warrens Masters!” perfectly describes our process. We will chase the concept down a research rabbit hole until we have exhausted opposing views and feel confident in our recommendations.

We are dependable, ethical, visual, creative, personable, and we multitask like crazy to meet deadlines and stay on budget. We color outside of the lines. This troupe has been in the communications field for longer than we care to admit. When technology swept in and changed media, we adapted, and we continue to adapt daily.

Lynsie Slachetka

Founder of Ajuxt

Social media “early adopter” who knows what’s “in” and what’s “out” in online communications and the ever changing social arena.

Ira Lieberman

Brand Communications Expert

Expert in brand identity development, brand messaging, integrated marketing and audience targeting.



Our Troupe

The Amazing aJuxt Wizards

Independent, dependable, creative, highly-skilled  and on-demand; graphic designers, social media mavens, SEO experts, bloggers, PR writers, website & app developers, and production wizards.